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Copenhagen X movie — new architecture and urban development



What is IPv6

Rooftops to Rivers: Syracuse, New York

Joanie Mahoney, County Executive in Onondaga County, discusses Syracuse’s efforts to clean up Onondaga Lake and overhaul the city’s sewage and stormwater systems through green infrastructure. Instead of building more sewage plants, Syracuse plants rain gardens, and installs green roofs, porous pavement, and rain barrels. As a result, the city creates jobs and beautifies neighborhoods. Archie Wixson, Deputy Commissioner for Facility Management, also discusses the many ways rainwater is used in the city’s professional sports arena, from ice for the hockey rink to laundry services.

Networked Society: “Thinking Cities”

Augmented Reality: Active market participation stadistics

TouchMe: An Augmented Reality Based Remote Robot Manipulation

Doing Business 2012: Where’s Spain?

The Scale of the Universe


Anatomy of a Smart City