Antonio Sánchez Zaplana, Innovation and Technology Manager., IT specialist holding degrees in Telecommunications Engineering, Business Administration and Telecommunications Economy, with more than eighteen years of experience in SUEZ Group. I have been involved in international research projects (Chile, China), like UE Network “@qua ICT for Water Efficiency” (http://www.a-qua.eu/).

Experience in Agbar has been developed as an expert in technological projects management, including projects in an international environment in China and Chile. I also am the Smart City Coordinator of the online Community called www.i-ambiente.es with more than 36.000 followers in Social Networks (June 2014). I have multiple interviews and dissemination documents in congresses and websites (iAgua, Comparte Innovación by Philips, etc).

Social Networks:

FireShot Screen Capture #150 - 'Blog de Antonio Sánchez I i·ambiente' - www_i-ambiente_com__q=blogs_Antonio-Sánchez

FireShot Screen Capture #151 - 'Smart Cities in Spain I Scoop_it' - www_scoop_it_t_smartcities-spain

FireShot Screen Capture #152 - 'Smart Water I Scoop_it' - www_scoop_it_t_smart-water

FireShot Screen Capture #153 - 'Big Data, IoT and other stuffs I Scoop_it' - www_scoop_it_t_big-data-iot-and-other-stuffs

FireShot Screen Capture #154 - 'Smart Cities in Spain' - www_pinterest_com_aszapla_smart-cities-in-spain

FireShot Screen Capture #156 - 'Smart Water' - www_pinterest_com_aszapla_smart-water

Otras redes http://about.me/aszapla



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